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Here’s EVERYTHING I Have Created And Used In The Past 10 Years To Help Businesses Grow

A Complete Done-For-You Toolkit So That You Can Start Getting New Clients, Closing Deals And Making MASSIVE Profits Right Away

Here’s What I Mean When I Say EVERYTHING:

  • Client Getting Kit Created
  • Newly-Acquired Client Kit
  • Payment Emails Kit
  • Save The Sale Emails Kit
  • Social Media Posting Planner
  • Content Promotion Planner

Want to be fully booked this year?

Most business have a natural ebb and flow of clients coming in and clients going out.


But if you’re not actively working to keep fresh new leads coming in, you’ll be putting yourself in a less than desirable position if your income unexpectedly takes a sharp dive downwards.


Whether your clients have just signed up or they no longer need your services for whatever reason – you will want to make sure you have a list of potential clients to pull from when you need to.


Some of the ways you can build that potential client list are:

  • Following up with people who have shown interest in your services in the past but who were not ready yet
  • On-boarding JV partners
  • Reaching out to past clients who may be ready to come back
  • Asking for referrals from current and past clients
  • And much more!

We make it super easy for you to do with our done-for-you emails that you can use to do all of these things!

Client Getting Kit

These are the Emails You’ll Get in this Kit:

  • Post Event Potential Client Follow Up Email
  • Post Consultation Call Follow Up Email
  • JV Program Invitation Email
  • Referral Bonus Email for Existing Clients
  • Referral Request Email
  • Client Testimonial Request Email
  • Client Reactivation Email

Newly-Acquired Client Kit

17 done-for-you forms to help you spend less time on paperwork so you can do more of what you love!

  • Welcome Letter
  • Payment Arrangements Form
  • Coaching Success Guidelines
  • Coaching Agreement
  • Client Call Notes
  • How Our Agency Works
  • Business Goals Worksheet
  • Client Invoice
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Code of Ethics
  • My Client’s History Form
  • Intake Form
  • Referral Request

Payment Emails Kit

Most of the times running a social media marketing agency is easy and super-fun, and you have the best clients in the world!


But then there are times when you have to put on your CEO hat and deal with difficult client situations – like getting paid…


Here are the 9 Letters You’ll Get in this Kit:

  • Past Due Email
  • Declined Payment Email
  • Upcoming Membership Renewal Email
  • Upcoming Membership Renewal Reminder Email
  • Payment Plan Arrangement Email (Response to Client Request)
  • Payment Plan Contract Collection Email
  • Expired Credit Card Email
  • Insufficient Funds Email (PayPal)
  • Failed Payment Follow Up Email

Save The Sale Emails

Like most business owners, there will be times in your business when a potential client isn’t an immediate “yes!” and you’ll need to follow up in order to save the sale... till you turning a “no” into a “yes!”


These are the 10 Emails You’ll Get to do that:

  • Follow Up with Potential Clients Who Did Not Buy
  • Email for When a Potential Client Says “No”
  • Email to Reconnect with a Past Client
  • Email to Send to a Cancelled Client
  • Email When a Client Says “It’s Not in My Budget”
  • Email Following a No-Show Call/Appointment
  • Email When They Hire a Different Agency
  • Email Responding to a Refund Request
  • Email When a Sales Call Goes Bad

Social Media Posting Planner

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers

Step 1: Know Your Platforms

Step 2: Create Your Editorial Calendar

Step 3: Create Your Branding Guidelines

Step 4: Prioritize the Big Events

Step 5: Include Important Marketing and Visibility Pieces

Step 6: Social Media is Visual

Step 7: Embrace New Ways to be Seen

Step 8: Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun

Step 9: Automate Where You Can

Step 10: Get More Mileage Out of Every Post


Content Promotion Planner

Ready to save a ton of time + money and grow your business?


The Step-by-Step Planner Covers

Step 1: Know Where Your Audience Hangs Out

Step 2: Create a Strategic Content Plan

Step 3: Make Your Content Promo-Worthy

Step 4: Create Channel-Specific Promos

Step 5: Automate!

Step 6: Don’t Forget to Cross-Promote

Step 7: Track Your Results

OneSoci Agency Toolkit Also Helps You Get MAXIMUM Results And New Clients From Social Media Giants

Time for you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your favorite social media outlets. We have created you an enormous amount of social media content that you can use right away to get the message out that you can create these amazing videos.

Facebook Video Ads To Promote Your Agency

You can’t ignore Facebook and we have years of experience running ad campaigns that produce results. You will now be equipped with the EXACT ads that all you need to do is upload to your ad account and submit to get best results instantly.

Instagram Video Ads To Promote Your Agency

Instagram has become the go to COOL place to hang out and your video message needs to be in front of this MASSIVE crowd. Along with your Facebook ads our team has created video ads to cater this specific audience.

And ONLY For First 100 Customers

10 Done-For-You Blogs And Social Media Posts For Facebook

Finding the time to actually write content can feel pretty overwhelming.


That’s why we’ve put together a special package of 10 professionally written done-for-you blog posts about using Facebook to get more clients. These posts arrive ready to copy and paste into your blog, newsletter, or anywhere else you need compelling content that demonstrates the value of coaching.


Use these done-for-you posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks to promote your blog posts. Add them to your OneSoci Agency Scheduler for hands free promotion that works for you 24/7!


10 Done-For-You Blogs And Social Media Posts For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quickly turning into a gold-mine where you can find “New Clients”. People on LinkedIn are serious professional who are there to purely further their business and profession.


And we have included 10 DFY blogs and Social Media Posts covering topics ranging from 5 Things to Know About Finding Clients on LinkedIn, Networking Tips: How to Find Leads on LinkedIn Naturally….




5 Ways to Increase Your Credibility on LinkedIn and Attract Potential Leads, 4 Tips to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn…


…all the way to


4 Tips to Make the Right Connections on LinkedIn, 6 Small but Powerful Ways to Get Noticed by Prospects on LinkedIn…


… and a LOT more!


This is ALL you are ever going to need to start and run a successful Social Media Agency that you’d set-up in minutes using OneSoci Agency.


Every step is listed and you’ve now got every tool that you’d need to achieve the results no other Social Media Agency (including other OneSoci Agency customers) would ever be able to achieve.


Take Action NOW.


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 30-Day Money Back  Guarantee

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